SELF © 2010 Wendy B McLain

People, PLEASE, listen to me, if you choose to live wildly free,

  An unruly mind of depravity’s kind will engulf you like a sea.

  As you choose your own, you’ll reap what you’ve sown; sorrows and woes will not leave you alone.

  They will cripple your mind and in time you will find, you have injured your very own soul.

    Don’t let this be, PLEASE, take it from me; a reprobate heart will tear you apart,

  I’d been down this road and I also was told, these very same words I impart.

  I did not heed those who would plead, who’d been there they before I,

  So now, here I go, I want you to know, to your own way I urge say goodbye!

For I’d been a fool, to think I could rule, living my life my own way,

  How wrong my thought, for my mind I had taught, to believe whatever I say.

  So clever my mind and crafty to find, a resolve for each choice I made,

  I stuck to my way, in the course of each day, then alas’ passing time betrayed.

Self, was my rule, not knowing how cruel its effects would be from the start,

  Blame would remain my number one game until Christ came and showed me my heart!

  I’ve been on my knees, asking God PLEASE, since the day He took over my life,

  To take all of me, and make me to be His living sacrifice!

    I’m walking each day in humility’s way as I strive for the ultimate goal,

  In service to Him, Who redeemed me from sin, that this life lived for Him will be whole.

  People, PLEASE, listen to me; do not live your lives wildly free,

  Give yourselves to the Lord, Who has graciously poured out His blood at Calvary!

    A self-made life will bring sorrow and strife; it will lead you to be deceived,

  It will cause you to sin and lead you right in to hell’s gates for what you believed!

  The enemy’s lies, under subtle disguise, are to make you think you have rule,

  For this was his plan from the beginning of man and his greatest scheme is to fool.

    For God, in His word, made it plain to be heard that Satan is the father of lies,

  And to those who believe what Lucifer breathes will join him when he dies.

  SELF on the throne is what Satan alone was determined to attain through pride,

  God cast him down to this earthly realm for in his heart Creator God he denied.

    And so goes his fate, he knows time is late, so he crafts his wicked scheme,

  To devour mankind through tricks of the mind and prevent those who Christ would redeem!

  Don’t fall for his lie that you will get by with your own self-will on the throne,

  For no one escapes this terrible fate unless they come through Christ alone!