Who We Are
Wholesome Prose is a website offering Short Stories from Christian writers in text, audio, and sometimes video formats to the public free of charge.


  • Wholesome Prose only publishes the works (primarily short stories) of Christian writers.  How do we know the author is a Christian; the honor system, of course.
  • Stories may but are not required to have a specifically Christian theme nor are they required to convey a spiritual message.
  • Regarding the following terms: You and Your refers to the author, We and Our refer to Wholesome Prose.
  • Your submission indicates your acceptance of the guideline terms set out here.
  • Your submission must be original work.
  • We reserve the right not to publish your submitted work for any reason.  We reserve the right not to assign any reason.
  • We don’t publish New Age, Cult, or stories with themes or premises that are contrary to the Bible.
  • There is no fee to publish, and likewise you will also not be compensated.
  • You maintain copyright and are fully and solely responsible for the content of your submission. You agree to indemnify Wholesome Prose from all legal claims arising out of your submitted work.

What you, the Christian Author, Get
We perform your short story as an audio production.  We list your bio and offer a link to your website, Facebook or Linked-In Page, or other destination you choose to help promote your writing.  Listeners/Readers can leave feedback regarding your story.

What We Get
We get permission to post your short story in written, audio, and possibly video form on our website for everyone to hear, read, and/or download for free.


  • You grant Wholesome Prose the rights to produce an audio recording of your work and the rights to distribute that recording including but not limited to: The Wholesome Prose Website, for sale, for promotion.
  • You are granted the rights to distribute the unaltered Wholesome Prose audio production of your work including but not limited to: yours or any other Website, for sale, for promotion.
  • You authorize free electronic distribution and reproduction of your submission.
  • Please inform us immediately if a publication error has been made. We publish in good faith and you agree not to hold Wholesome Prose liable for errors.
  • We reserve the right to change the terms of submission without notice.
  • You may also request to cancel your submission.  However, please keep in mind that a great deal of time and work goes into the audio reading and editing of your story, all of which is wasted if your submission is canceled.
  • We reserve the right to revoke publication at any time.
  • Once accepted, your submission will be published mostly as-is except for minimal editing. Please be sure that you are satisfied with it before submitting.
  • We endeavor to perform your audio word for word as it is written, but from time to time we may inadvertently add or omit a word.  If so, please accept our apologies and we will correct it if the mistake significantly alters the meaning you were trying to convey

How to Submit A Story

Just send us an email including

  • Your Name
  • Your email address
  • Story Title and brief description
  • A brief self-bio
  • The name or a pseudonym under which you wish to publish
  • Copyright line, i.e. year and name/pseudonym

Attach your submission as an MS Word file.
If you would like to perform your own audio, submit it in MP3 format along with your text submission.  We welcome video performances of your story.

Email all to:

E-mail Privacy Policy
Your e-mail address will be used by us to communicate with you, and will not be made available or sold to a third-party.

If you wish to have your e-mail address appear in the author’s section, you must specifically request it.