At Wholesome Prose we showcase the short story works of Christian authors.  Here you will find Christian short stories like, Only a Christmas Tree, by Rand Hunter Kreycik whose characters and plot are unmistakably Christian.  But also published on our site is, The Middle, by David Blankenship, which contains no Christian references at all.  Both stories were written by Christian authors and the Christian author is our focus at Wholesome Prose.

Christian authors have something that other authors don’t have: The Holy Spirit living inside of them, working with their God-given talent, inspiring, guiding, and even restraining them.  That’s the special element that gives Wholesome Prose stories their unique richness in dimensions of character, plot, color, and texture.

So whether the story contains labeled Christian characters with recognizably Biblically based plots and principles, or it is seemingly void of the markers that would flag it as a Christian story, the fact is Christ will shine through a story written by a Christian author regardless of the layers of conventional that may camouflage it.

That’s why at Wholesome Prose our guidelines are slightly broader than “Christian short stories”.  We publish stories written by Christian authors and our test is simple: we won’t publish any story that we would be embarrassed to share with our pastors.

We perform each short story in audio format.  We list the author’s bio and offer a link to their website, Facebook, Linked-In Page, or other destination they choose to help promote their writing.

A great deal of work and self goes into writing a short story.  Putting a story out there for the public to listen to or read exposes authors to huge emotional risk. Will people listen to it?  Will they like it?  Will they get it?  Yet authors do so in the hope that someone will listen to or read their work and feel the feelings they are trying to convey.  With that in mind, we strongly encourage listeners and readers to leave feedback if you liked a story.

Our stories are free to listen to, free to read, and free to download.  So enjoy!